No jewel in my Cadbury or is it melting right away?



So I went to Agha’s super market a couple of days back to buy Fahad a bar of chocolate just to remind him that valentine season is up in the air and that I’m in full mood for it.😁😍

I came across this! “Cadbury Black Forest” And loved the idea of jewels in the chocolate … Yes I know this was meant to be for Fahad and it is but I wanted to try it too 😜 he loves to share and it’s not like he needs or SHOULD eat the whole bar by himself. 😘
So anyways the purchase was made, he was happy and surprised! “Mission valentine initiating” accomplished!

This big bar of chocolate contains tiny little round biscuits that taste almost like Oreo but is just not dark enough and the chocolate taste the same …mehπŸ˜’ The biscuit chips settles down creating bumps on the base of bar.
It comes in the classic foil packet inside and I just love it!!!

But where were the jewels???

There was no jewel! No jewel at all!!! Not a chunk nothing pink or red inside. I have checked and eaten more then I wanted just in search of the jewels promised on the wrapper!!!
It made me feel like I was in El dorado! Searching for gold more like rubies!!!

Why did it say jewel? Does it really melt away so quickly that I’m unable to even notice it? If so, is Cadbury that stupid to put something so tiny inside that melts rights away for buyers not to be able to notice it? Let alone see it!
It’s crazy and I don’t get it!
Where did all my cherry flavoured jelly go???
May be the blocks I had didn’t have them!
Regardless of all that chocolates are always amazing! ☺️


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