Fantastic or not ? Okra lunching.

I went out with a friend hunting for karachi’s best breakfast and drove pass okra to go to Espresso after not finding an empty table at Xander’s.
Yup we were hungry and wanted food like right away! 😫
Confident in my heart believing i won’t find an empty table at Okra, I walked in to inquire and voila! There were tables empty! Okra it then was.
We were served a bowl of salad to share right away. Next came the bread basket and butter!




Before I start I would like to let every one know that My level of expectation from Okra is set up to “very high” just the way they have their prices set!😏
The first thing I noticed was that there was no dressing or dip let alone half a lemon to go with the beautiful vegetables and I didn’t like that because even DHABAAS give you chat masala or lemon to go with it. πŸ˜•

The bread basket was amazing!
Their multi grain bread taste just like the multi grain country bread you can get from the bakery of hyper-star.
You can buy ciabatta bread from “The pantry” for under Rs 200 😯 if you want to enjoy this bread at home. The ones Okra serves taste exactly like it!
The olive bread was the star! It was amazing! And packed with black olives!
And there’s no denying to the crusty Fresh French bread!

The mains arrived before we could even finish the bread.
I ordered “seafood in fruity olive oil” and my friend ordered something in chicken with coriander and chilli… I don’t really know what she asked for but I can show you guys the picture and tell you all about it πŸ™‚ because I tasted it! πŸ˜‹



My seafood dish was amazing in terms of flavours! I have never ever tasted olive oil this well seasoned and effectively infused… I was happy but what kept me wondering was that the waiter said there will be clams in this dish !!! And I love clams they are the best seafood to me but to my disappointment there were no clams on my plate !😭 And I wanted them hmm!πŸ˜₯
There was 1 green olive, 1 black olive, 1 piece of muscle, 1 piece of scallop, 1 piece of jumbo prawn, 2 pieces of medium size prawns, 2 chunks of boneless fish, some pieces of squid and a lettuce leaf!
This plate cost me over Rs 2000 and we will find different opinions about this being worth it or not!
If you ask Fahad he’s gonna be like “Kia? Teen jheengay aur ek salad Kay pattay Kay main 2000 doon? Haseen! Fujiyama challo!”πŸ˜‚
(Translation: What? Am I to pay 2000 for 3 prawns and a leaf of lettuce? Haseen lets go to Fujiyama!)
He would happily pay a 1000 more to go to a Japanese buffet because for him when he’s hungry quantity and taste both matters! And before he turns into a crazy cross of green hulk and werewolf… I’ll leave this topic right here.πŸ˜‹
I enjoyed my main and I was very happy!
The chicken my friend ordered didn’t really excite me, it was marinated with coriander and red fresh chillies nothing special really but the cheese sauce that came with it was madness!
It was delicious! I could taste Gouda cheese in it but I’m not sure about that. Whatever cheese that was, it was mind boggling!


We ordered poached fresh figs with vanilla ice cream for dessert and the only thing not good about this dish was the presentation!
The hot and cold combination in desserts always work for me!
It was soul satisfying.


So fantastic Okra! You’ll see me again.😘


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