The story of Edgware road restaurant (khadda market)

My friends and I walked into a restaurant last night called “Edgward road” at Khadda market and was amazed by the out look and the interior of this place!
I felt like I was zapped into one of London’s bistro!
It was very neat, painted with pastel green and yellow and some photo frames to decorate the walls.
An old fashioned chandelier hanging from the roof to compliment the antique touch and a wooden stair case to walk up to the other floor.
It was crowded so we waited and that’s when we observed all this. 😉
We were catered by the owner himself and decided to sit upstairs.
He looked very familiar and after a good stare 😳 I finally remembered where I saw him !


It wasn’t his face that got me confused it was his shalwar kameez!😁
Fahad and I use to go to Karachi gymkhana to play badminton and that’s where we saw him.
He’d come to play badminton and he was the reason we stopped playing 😝 because he was so active, running around, loud and FAST!!! While “we” on the other hand would play it like how ballerinas would.😆
Anyways coming back to food and Edgward road! I scanned through and menu and took pictures for you guys😎 so you can see it for yourself!
The front page of the menu is a replica of the London Underground tube station map! And hence the signature red circle and blue rectangular logo.
We ordered what the owner suggested and were also offered some stuff generously to try “on the house”.😁
The food didn’t take long to come, the “authentic hommus” oh my God!!! To die for! It was the creamiest, smoothest and the most amazing hommus I have ever had my entire life!


Another dip was “Babaganoush” that was ok! Not because it was ok but because I personally don’t like eggplant. 😣


The pita bread… You want to know why am I even writing about it?
Because it was white and hot without any gassy grilled burn marks! And that’s exactly the way it’s suppose to be! Steamy hot! A pita bread is not a Panini bread, it need not be marked! 😠


Their shawarma is a a must try! They call it the London style shawarma and the reason is because in London shawarma wraps are so thin you can actually taste the meaty filling inside. The saltiness from the gherkins the onions, tomatoes and that’s it the rest is all meat. The whipped garlic sauce was so fluffy and light I just cant describe it ! That’s what they are offering.


The skewers!!!
I’m hungry again!!!😱
Chicken: what I noticed was they used the most succulent cut for their chicken skewers. They were moist juicy and cooked to perfection. My only concern here is that the spices were a bit bland for me. It’s mild and I think would work very well for lahories no offense.😊


Lamb: they were too good!!!
I couldn’t get enough of them and it wasn’t mutton, it was lamb! The flavours…. My stomach is growling already.😕
It was out of this world! Soft, tender, melts in your mouth and the best part no sign of that pungent smell. It was so good I can not say more about it.



The masala rotisserie was good too but not as good as lamb skewers! According to the owner this is a local dish.
This tomato chutney taste just like the tomato chutney the halal restaurant in London at Edgward road serves! It’s packed with some really strong flavours and you just can’t get enough of it .


I request the owner to sit down with us and asked him some questions.
He told us most of the ingredients being used are imported and the tahini paste is the most expensive of all. From chilli paste to a shawarma wraps, no compromise is being made when it comes to the quality and the authenticity of flavours!
He than showed us the packet of pita wrap!








He told us his idea was to provide a London feel to his costumes where they can come and enjoy the atmosphere and have good food for a very reasonal price!
He has planned to add exciting stuff to the restaurant n I think it’s too early to tell specially without pictures 😃
“Batata harra” is only for 95 rupees.😊 I wonder what was he thinking ?
They are coming to dolmen mall Clifton.
I will definitely go back for the lamb skewer and try out some of their prawn entee.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. The worse experience of my life, won’t recommend anyone to go their, food was pathetic, not even hot everything was coldly served, the service was so rude, majority of the things were not available, even in cold drink they gave us no choice except pepsi. Very poor place and poorly manage.

    1. Really? Then I guess they ain’t doing too well.

      1. Yeah 😦 sadly my trip was a waste

      2. Food Lover says:

        Actually they are great!.. best place for Arabic food.. would really recommend for you to try it out for your self, and its not that expensive so nothing to loose 🙂

  2. Bilal says:

    Love their shawerma, the best authentic shawerma in town..Yummm!!!

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