Kolachi in Karachi (the city of lights) needs tea candles!

Every Friday my family and I dine out and last Friday we ended up at Kolachi.
Everyone seems to have falling in love with this place and the food they offer.
It’s always crowded and full, waiting is always expected!
There must be around 10-11 restaurants on this belt by the sea but Kolachi is the only one that enjoys the most traffic! You don’t even need to go in to see that… It just seems like a spell of success is cast on this particular one.
They have a huge waiting area that looks very happening with sofas and benches for hungry customers to sit and wait on.
We ordered the very famous cheese nan and I pray they never close down just only because of their cheese nan! This nan is filled with tasty cheese and brushed with butter on top. I forgot to the a picture of it and you must know why :D, I could go on and on about this nan but I’ll let you guys go try it out yourself! Strongly recommended. 🙂
We ordered chicken cream soup for starters and I must tell you it was thick cream promising! :p it also contained chunks of chicken and thin slices of sautéed can mushrooms and was pretty high on salt. It wasn’t the best cream soup I have had in Karachi though it was very heavy and filling. Had it been provided with 2 slices of thick garlic bread this could have been a main dish on its own. My advise is to share this soup with someone. 🙂

I ordered Kolachi’s special beef steak with baked potatoes and the temperature was to be medium
Rare but what I got was a well done steak that was so tough I got tired of chewing like seriously. Their creamy special sauce wasn’t good at all it was a mix of sweet, salty and spicy a combination that normally rocks your food but there was something off about the sauce something was just not right! So I scraped off all the sauce and quickly removed the steak from the sizzler to a cold plate just to save my steak from becoming super well done and no, I wasn’t happy!
The vegetables were bland and the base of the sizzler was filled with onions.
For the sides I asked for baked potato and got mash potato in a foil cup so I swapped it with my nephew correcting the order ourselves. 😉

The baked potato was nice and so was the sour cream topping.

My nephew ordered Moroccan chicken steak and he loved it but according to me, he just loves everything in huge quantity 🙂 and for some reason I have an icky feeling that I have just initiated a topic to debate on next Friday when I see him. 🙂
This is what his steak looks like.


My youngest nephew ordered Alfredo chicken pasta and that too was very creamy. The capsicum in this dish over powered everything.



The rest of the family ordered a chicken handi to share and it was screaming ” I am salty” out loud!
It was send back twice and they just couldn’t do anything to fix it … Each time it came back the handi grew in quantity and got creamier. So we asked them to parcel that for us while we discussed on how should this handi be fixed . :p
There was nothing wrong with the flavour, the taste was too good but the excessive salt just ruined it! People with high blood pressure this is a dish to be eaten on your own risk! :S


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