The Stolen pizza slice at ESPRESSO!!!

Rarely is when you hear a story about restaurants stealing your left over food you asked them to parcel for you and today you will be hearing one from me.
I went to Espresso last month with some of my friends and ordered a pizza.
It was delicious and I loved the thin not too crunchy base they do. I have no complains with the quality or the quantity of the pizza because it was just almost perfect! After having 4 slices I was done and couldn’t eat more so I asked the waiter to parcel the remaining 4 slices for me.
I then went to Damascus to join another group of friends for tea and opened up the parcel to offer them the remaining 4 slices. Instead of 4 there were 3 slices an odd number … Hmm this is pizza we talking about ! And I knew how much I ate and how many did I sent in to be packed! I was furious and angry, so I called up Espresso right away to complain and the manager won’t talk to me ! I wasn’t even screaming.
Very bad customer service I must say! They listened to me and said we will ask the manager to call you back but the call never came!

Last week my co worker and I ordered lunch from Espresso, I asked for a strawberry smoothie and guess what? The smoothie never came. Bad management!

A couple of days back I decided to give it another chance… So I ordered a strawberry and banana smoothie but what was delivered to me was mixed berry smoothie that wasn’t nice at all… The smoothie wasn’t thick at all, it was thinner then milk! And it was just but toooo sweet! And costed me 425 rupees exclusive of tax! But their turkey sandwich was yummy!




Espresso you need to fix these bugs!!!


15 Comments Add yours

  1. boooo says:

    so you never learn?

    1. Lesson learned! Definitely learned ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. boooo says:

        which is what? not going back there again or smacking the manager like it’s the end for him?

      2. I think the second option ๐Ÿ˜€

      3. boooo says:

        quite violent, aren’t you?

      4. Not really, I’m a positive soul… Did you not see how many chances were they given? ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. boooo says:

      or maybe you know you could have just told them your first name, they would have gotten “maharbaan” upon hearing that

      1. Cash the meaning of my name for a better service?

      2. boooo says:

        sure, who doesn’t like a hasina?

  2. boooo says:

    right, each to their own… btw do you happen to be an insomniac?

    1. Not really, I’m waiting for the Fajar Azaan.

  3. boooo says:

    which is going to be in the next 15-20 mins I guess.. how about you tell me a story in the meantime.. such a story that I may find hard to get it off my mind

      1. boooo says:

        I could follow your league but it would be great if you go first.. even a short story would do

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