Got the “We don’t care” attitude from Kamamishi!

I have never been to Kamamishi before and there were reasons to it,
first of all I can make my own Japanese food, I have not heard too well about this place and the all you can eat Japanese buffet at Fujiyama in Avari tower is amazing!

I was forced to go to Kamamishi today due to this friend of mine, who was craving ramen all day just because I made ramen for dinner last night. 😕
Anyways, it was peak dinner time around 9 pm and the number of tables occupied was 1!

My friend instantly ordered ramen and deep fried shrimps with chef’s special sauce, while I took a while to go through their menu.


It took approximately 25 mins for the starter to come and I was still deciding :p.
The deep fried shrimps were just too oily! And the “so special chef’s sauce” was nothing but sandwich spread mayonnaise from a bottle of a company I know. 😠 The quantity wasn’t bad though.



The broth of the ramen tasted nice and clean, but what’s really disappointing about this dish was the vegetables! They weren’t oriental!
Carrots, French beans, cabbage? You gotta be kidding me! 😱
I’ll show you what a ramen is after I’m done with this because the story just does not end here! Notice the rim of the plates? Not wiped? These are basics! 😠


I ordered a “volcano maki” which was suppose to be a deep fried sushi and I’ll show you what the menu said.

The only thing I asked them not to put in was spicy mayonnaise and it just seemed like they took out everything but the salmon and tempura. The tempura here were tiny balls of deep fried tempura batter and without exaggeration these 2 were the only ingredients in my volcano maki.

My conversation with the manager :
Me : where are the flying fish eggs?
Manager : on top madam.
Me : I don’t see any.
Manager : madam here they are. ( pointing out at the red base color of the bloat shaped plate )
Me : you mean the plate?
Manager : madam let me check for you.

Before I could even inquire about the rest of the missing ingredients… The manager walked up to the sushi bar and held a standing staff conference. But guess what! Did not return to cater me one the complain at all. In fact dare to come ask if we wanted anything more before the bill.


My friend asked for the bill, we paid and walked out but with this ” we don’t care” attitude, Kamamishi you won’t be going far.

Their claim to provide Karachi with authentic Japanese food is a lie!


As promised, here’s a bowl of ramen I prepared at home and used only oriental ingredients.


I have never experience customer service this bad my whole life and for that I will never recommend this place to any one. Chapter close! 😤


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Yasir says:

    Share the recipe for the ramen you made! It looks awesome! 😀

  2. Sahar Suleman says:

    Can you please share your recipe for Ramen? It looks great!

    1. I’ll post my ramen recipe tonight 🙂

  3. Zohaib Khan says:

    Hi Hasina,

    Let me start of with this, I am already a fan. I totally agree with your take on kamameshi and the fact is that I took my fiance out on a first date and all i got was stale sushi. And I know good sushi.

    Then once before that I went with my friends to find hair in the food………..

    Now to the fan part………………. you can cook japanese………. How about some guidance on Japanese food……… Cooking is something I love and Japanese is my fav cuisine

    1. Thank you zohaib it’s comments like this that makes me feel really happy and sure I’ll definitely share some Japanese food recipe!
      Ramen is on high demand will be sharing the recipe tonight 🙂

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