Mysterious tiny black dots! (Farid’s)

I am a fan of creme brûlée and can easily go crazy when I see one.:p
Well that’s exactly what happened at Farid’s super market last week, I just lost control and was like “Sarey Kay sarey dey dein” ( give me all of them).
Fahad just had to jump in at moments like this killing the purity and beauty of my happiness saying, “Haseen just buy one first, try it and we can always come back for more.”
He then asked the guy behind the counter to give me just one. I waited unhappily, prayed for a miracle for happen and guess what! His phone rang :D. While he was busy trying to catch better signals, wandered off some where leaving me with full opportunity to be the usual me say “mischievous”. 😀
I could actually see wings on the word happiness flying back to me :D. Thank God for mobile phones and friends who really have nothing to do but call you just because they are bored. 😛
I quickly asked the guy to pack all of them for me…there wasn’t many really, just 3 of them but the curse from Fahad’s heart was so strong the guy dropped the second one and broke it. :@
The creme brûlée at Farid’s comes in glass bowls, yup the classic style so you can heat it and burn the sugary caramelize the top. Just that this one was without it!
I noticed tiny little black dots and was very impressed with the quality but then I suspected it just might be dirt. :p
I asked the guy to confirm what those tiny little dots were and he said “cinnamon”. I wasn’t convince because they looked so much like real vanilla seeds or dirt. :|but it sure wasn’t cinnamon.
The very next day I found Fahad in the kitchen holding MY creme brûlée saying, ” Jano aap donno khayen ge?” 😕 ( darling are you gonna eat both of them?)
And my answer was “Yes”, without any shame! Though we shared the first one. 😀
Those little mystery black dots were no cinnamon nor were they dirt, they were real vanilla seeds from the pods! Cinnamon don’t pop, these seeds were popping as you bite. Although there was nothing special about this brûlée, in fact it didn’t even tasted like it. It was more of an egg pudding without a caramel sauce.

What’s really fun about this little bowl is the pop between your teeth, I just love it!




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