Dirty fork at ” Pantry “, Karachi.

I was at Pantry last night and this is a picture I took to show you guys what I was experiencing, I don’t know what to say because I love the food here so much but for next time I might just carry my own cutlery with me. Honestly speaking this is really gross and very shocking!


Fahad and I were to meet our friends at Pantry for dessert, their dark Belgian chocolate tart is the best so far here in Karachi.


The richness of the dark Belgian chocolate takes you to another level of luxury, the chocolaty tart base was soft and crunchy at the same time very well balanced. The chocolate and nuts biscuit on top of the ice cream is super crunchy and not too sweet, spot on! It is served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. I suggest this as a must try!

We also ordered the bread pudding but this definitely wasn’t the best bread pudding Karachi was offering. The texture of the pudding wasn’t right, it was eggy and had the eggy aroma too, which a bread pudding normally does not have.
It’s served hot with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.
The hot and cold combo is always amazing.
The bananas? I asked for. :p


So if you find yourself in a state of confusion looking at their dessert menu, remember me and go for the chocolate tart right away! Unless your one of those who like chocolate not! 🙂
2 of my very close friends are like that and I like to call them ” the weird people”.

Oh and I almost forgot that I did took a picture of the dessert menu section for you. 🙂


Pantry this is a BIG bug you need to fix! Dirty fork??? Common!!! This is people’s trust your messing with and it’s not cool!


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