Not Mirchi, It’s Mirchili! Best Dossa in K-Town.

The Mirchi restaurant is now called Mirchili due to the registration issue they were facing and we were told about this by one of the waiters there.
As the waiter settled us down, we were instantly handed the temporary photocopied menu and that didn’t bother me.
You’ll find popular South Indian cuisine, desi road side’s food, selective Pakistani dishes, Bombay chats and for the rest you can go through the menu yourself. :p



We ordered 3 meal deals and the first one was “Daal and chawal” this deal includes daal, chawal, 3 bajra – qeema kababs and mirchi achar.




The daal had this pleasant sour touch to it that goes very well with the aromatic rice and I must say the quantity wasn’t bad at all for its price.
The bajra keema kababs fits more in the category of Pakistani gourmet. My mom makes them at home and I’ll soon share the recipe with you all.
I don’t normally eat chilli but this chilli achar wasn’t spicy at all, the spices and oil was very balanced and complimented daal and rice, they were just like members of one family. πŸ˜€
This one is a must try for all the daal Chawal lovers out there! Fahad loves daal Chawal and this was his order by the way . :p

I ordered the kofta menu meal and I’ll show what it looked like.


Kofta curry and rice with salad and raita. The kofta itself was very tender and spicy in a good way, but the curry was over powered by aroma of cloves. The raita was the star in this meal menu, it had proper tempering (tarka) of mustard seeds in it.

“Tempering” is a cooking technique and garnish used in the cuisines of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, in which whole spices are fried briefly in oil release essential oils from cells and thus enhance their flavours, before being poured, together with the oil, into a dish. Yes I am educating you all who didn’t know what tarka was called in English. :p yes , yes once again I borrowed this from google. :p and I feel no shame in that. πŸ˜€

Coming back to Mirchili, I also ordered a glass of orange juice, salty lassi and sweet lassi to share with my friends…

The salty lassi was too salty and the sweet lassi was just too sweet for us. The orange juice was freshly squeezed and I just loved the clever presentation with that floating slice of orange. πŸ™‚
Very clever Mirchili, very clever! πŸ™‚



The Third menu meal was the Bhunna ghost…. Oh I mean Bhunna ghosht. πŸ™‚
This dish was the nices of all… It was very fresh and the tenderness of the meat mixed up so well with the spices you just want to keep chewing but you can’t coz it melts away in your mouth and the burst of spices that dances on your tongue is like new year fireworks. Or in our recent case sindh festival’s fire works. πŸ˜‰ this dish was served with the same salad and raita.
The nan bread that came with it was so bad! It was like the worst thing any one can do to this dish… We missed the tandoori nan so bad! We were given the option of parathas and that makes me think, may be the Parathas would have done this justice! So next time to heaven with my weight and healthy eating options and Parathas it will be. πŸ˜€
Let me show you what it looked like πŸ™‚



We also ordered a cheese dossa for fun. πŸ˜›
This was Fahad being greedy actually, anyways the dossa was so crispy and and tasted so authentic. I know this a fact because I have had dossas made by South Indians! The coconut chutney did not taste like coconut oil and most importantly wasn’t runny. And that’s completely correct! I will tag you with 5 star dossa coconut chutney, mirchili this should be your specialty. The fake coconut chutney that we normally get around here in karachi goes to waste by most! This one was green and divine.
The spicy gourd dip sauce was good too. And there was plenty of it runny as it’s suppose to be. I just missed the butter, but Mirchili I’m so proud of you. You nailed it.
I declair mirchili’s dossa to be the best dossa in karachi!
(Sound of applause in the background) πŸ˜€
Here’s a picture for you to see.



Ah! I really missed the butter!!! Had this been big and served on a banana leaf plater it would have been perfect!!!

I really don’t know why the bill said takeaway πŸ™‚
Time to show u guys the bill πŸ™‚


I will be coming back for the dossa. This time I’ll ask for butter! πŸ™‚


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  1. aamiriat says:

    i love almost everything there!

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