Breakfast at Verdé, a good experience.

Something you won’t miss once you step in, is the amount of money the owner has invested into making this place go all green! I’m happy he did!
The garden is amazing, the gardening sense used on this place is very homely and peaceful.
We were there for a good 3 hours and we really did enjoy! 🙂

The detox water came in right away !!!
And it was very refreshing though I just wish they went a little easy on the lemon and that’s just my personal opinion. 🙂

The menu looked like this just for that particular day


I’ll get to the food right away …and I’ll save the beast for the last!
The spinach omelette wasn’t really offering much spinach but it’s got loads of cheese and they used fresh mushrooms!!! Not canned!!! There’s no comparison when it comes to fresh mushrooms and canned ones. Nope not at all. The burst of flavour, the freshness and most importantly healthy!!! A word I’m
Not really friends with. :p
Here is a picture of it.

It was served with grilled tomato and hash brown… They nailed the texture of the hash brown but they missed out on salt!
What you’ll see next is smoked salmon omellete I asked for just the egg whites and I got that. 🙂 thanks to the understanding waiter, they were very well trained!

This slice of smoked salmon could have been bigger, so this was another ordinary dish.
I’ll show you their sunny sides up and these 2 dishes came with sausages.


Now the stars!!!
Hit! Hit! Hit! Was the lobster soufflé…
OH MY GOD! Yup just the way we all do it OMG!
The amount of lobster to start with, no! These were chunks not flaky meat… They were chunks resting on the base if the soufflé!
The thickness was around 2.5 inches no kidding! The melted cheese on top! If I get this for breakfast everyday there’s no way Fahad is having a bad day! Ever! :p
Oh I didn’t show you the picture yet? Here it comes!

The strawberry slices and the orangey pulp on the sides was a match made in heaven!
Time for the best dish that’s came very late!
The Italian breakfast!!!!
First I’ll show you what it looked like.

Not telling you anything about this dish because I want you all to go try it out!!! Yup it was that good!
And I’ll show you another dish that my friend ordered.
What is this dish tell me the name… Do you know what is this?

Meet the owners… Fun loving and funny! Very pleasant to talk to.







The sheesha!!! I tried the verde special… And it I must say it was very smooth and nice.


I told you I’ll save the best for the last didn’t I?
Well this bread baked in a clay plant pot is one of a kind! It was soft from
Inside and had a very crispy crusty crust! What came with it were 2 types of butter. Sun dried tomato butter and herb butter, also cheese and strawberry jam.
It was a happy starter!
And we loved the creative idea of baking it in a clay plant pot! They should have called this the garden cafe. :p
Verde I’m in love with you!
Now I’ll show you the coffee, tea and juices!




I will soon visit this place for lunch and dinner… Because I really am curious. 🙂
Oh and did I forget to show you what their detox water looked like?


The managing staff is doing a very good job! Thumbs up to them. 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. A little correction as I have been informed that the managing staff are actually managing partners here 🙂
    So here you go two thumbs up !

  2. Maha Khan says:

    From breakfast to dinner a complete foody guide. Thank you. A friend with serious love for food is moving to Khi. This guide will be my gift to her

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