Extremely Cheap and Healthy Nihari at Nihari Darbar!

I try my best to avoid having Nihari for dinner due to the heaviness it causes my heart leading to an Owl-ly sleepless night and the reason to why this is originally a Pakistani breakfast dish. Duh!!! You get all day to digest it!!! Nihari! You stubborn pain in the heart! For all the fatty bone marrow and sky rocketing cholesterol levels… I must say your all worth it! 🙂

But! Nihari Darbar’s Nihari is a complete new story! With the same pleasure and satisfaction it gives you without making you feel guilty about anything. You’ll sleep like a baby ! Well at least I and fahad did. 🙂




Yup dirt cheap! 250 rupees worth of Nihari was enough for 4 people to share! You can ask them to refill the gravy without any charges and they’ll happily refill it for you.
At least they did it for us. :p




We ordered the special Nihari that came with bone marrow and brains… Yum!
And the milky nan bread was amazing! The chewy softness oh! I want it again like right now. Look at how fluffy and crispy they are in the picture.


The best part about this Nihari is the oil, it took a very long while for it to turn into fat solids and though we were really really stuffed we couldn’t feel the heaviness we normally feel after having Nihari from other places.

However, One of my Hindu friend went to this place for the chicken Nihari but doubt if the gravy was prepared using chicken only because he discovered tiny little bits of meat in there. 😮

For Fahad and Me this will be our favourite Nihari place because we got to sleep like a baby!!! :p


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