Any sandwich for 500 bucks (Panino Sano)

Rupees 500 only! That’s it and you can eat up a posh sandwich! Bragging this at office :p won’t hurt I promise ! Now I know what your thinking but….
No! They won’t ask you to pay for the GST because that’s inclusive of all!!!!

These sandwiches are lean and seriously healthy! If you don’t have an upgraded taste bud and u wish not to upgrade them don’t bother buying from this place!
Because I don’t want anyone to bad mouth about this place! Panino Sano is offering some really really good tasting sandwiches that are classic gourmet from different part of the world, giving you quality lean meat using international ingredients, also letting you choose from their different types of bread, delivers! And the best part is they ain’t ripping you off!!!
You gotta appreciate that! 😘
I tried 4 of their best selling sandwiches and loved them all! Though there is one sandwich I will never order again and it’s not because I didn’t like it but because of a reason I will tell you later here in the end… I want to first quickly show you what these sandwiches look like!

I won’t deny the fact that there are perks to being a food blogger. 🙂
I wanted variety, they gave me variety and by just trying out one type of their sandwich would not have been enough for me to place my verdicts.
They made me 4 half sandwiches from 4 of their best selling sandwiches and guess what I did?
I shared them with my colleagues because I wanted to know what they thought about it!
These sandwiches came with their own dipping sauce. This is YOUR bloody sandwich, YOU should be the one in control of the sauce. Dip in as less or as much as u want. I hate over flowing sloppy sandwiches dripping mayonnaise that messes your hands and that oh! so over powering sweet chilli ketchup sauce that acts like an egoistic Leo over taking over everything flavour errrr! 😱 hate it, hate it, hate it! 😡
Anyways What you’ll see next is the Avac-Kylling sandwich. Avocado, lean chicken , rocket leaves and oranges! Now that’s unique. 🙂
The creaminess from the Avocado weds the lean chicken meat so well killing the dryness and the orange bits locks in more moisture. The crispy texture and the nutty flavour from the rocket leaves makes this sandwich one of its kind! The pickle infused sauce kept me wanting more! I will definitely go back for this one again!

This is the Beef Royale sandwich… And I’m in love with this one although this sandwich does not really win the quantity competition. 🙂 I’ll still order this just for the flavour!
The sauerkraut!!! Oh yum!!! Fresh garden veggies, lean lean beef dipped into the their peppery sauce was brilliant!


Now the sandwich that I did not share 🙂
Le Classique
Turkey cold cut, lean chicken meat and thick slice of cheese! Heaven!!!
Buttery pan grilled sandwich… Reminded me of school days. And the herby tomato purée sauce! I think I might have just fallen in a love again. 🙂


Now for the sandwich that I will never go back for is the Mushroom club!
Not because I did not like it. It qualifies with flying colours when it comes to quantity and taste! This one is big! 😮
It’s got all the best ingredients the roasted red and green bell pepper, the lean chicken slices the soft sautéed onions and the generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese! Quality haan?
It’s just the mushrooms, not being fresh but canned! That’s where the healthy part becomes unhealthy.
So here it is the canned mushroom club! 🙂 The sauce however was beautifully flavoured and creamy.


I don’t really know what your profit margin is but what I know is that I’m surely getting maximum value for MY money!
And I thank you for being RARE!











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  1. Fatima says:

    yum for sure! I tried panino too..;)

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