Ginsoy opens up their 3rd restaurant!

I was invited to the launch of Ginsoy’s Third restaurant! Just this time it’s not the usually Ginsoy that we know of but they came out with an interesting twist and as I blog some of my friends are already planning to go pay them a visit! Yup! That interesting it’s gonna be!
Da da da dang! (Drum rolling) :p
Ok may be too much drama lets cut the crepe :p and get to the real info. 😀

They have introduced the Mongolian grill in Karachi!!! I saw this happening in America where they roughly stir fry protein and vegetables together with seasoning, cook using 2 metal sword on a round gas flat top griller and serve it with stir fried noodles or rice! It’s amazing!!!
Ginsoy is very sharp with their flavours which is a good thing the reason why it beats other Chinese restaurant here is because the fusion they apply!
Being half Asian I know Chinese flavours very well due to which I also know that the taste buds we Pakistani have will take quite some time to develop in order to accept the real flavours of Chinese cuisine!
So Ginsoy! Two Thumbs up to you!

I am in love with their lychee drink! It’s amazing it’s fresh and it’s yum! 😀


Now I’ll show u the food they were serving 🙂
Yup that’s the best part no?







Sorry for the messy plate in the last 3 pictures 🙂 it was too saucy couldn’t help it.
Anyways ways you sure want to see the grills. Don’t you? 🙂




You can choose your vegetables and protein and the grillers will cook them for you!
It does not get better then this. 🙂


For those who think and say MSG is the only reason To why Ginsoy’s food taste so good… I’d say Bleep please!

Meet one of the owner 🙂


And some of the guest were invited from the Embassy Chine who have been of their huge support!

I could see that the launch was a success and they managed it all by themselves! 🙂


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