Pure health cafe is now OPEN!!!

The launch of “Pure Health Cafe” was held by this lovely lady I know Tehmina Khalid of “Take II” and I must say everything looks very refreshing!

This cafe is special and Karachi needs more cafes like this to open up for eating seems to be the only entertainment here. We the people of K-Town love to eat and denying that would be the biggest lie! 🙂
Movies? Pop corn and soda!
Beach? Biryani, BBQ, chips and loads of soda!
Park? French fries, tea, coffee and soda!
Boys hang out behind the block? Tea, paratha, chips and soda!
Fun land? Where’s the food court!
Kitty party? Where’s the best hi tea?
Girls hangout? Meet you girls at Ginsoy, espresso, butlers challay?
Shopping? Unripe sour fruits with loads of chaat masala and of cause soda 🙂

There’s nothing wrong with that… And this cafe is huge contribution to our town!
I wish them the very best!
And I’ll be showing you pictures now… ( all pictures are fetch from Facebook) and this first one was taken my Maliha Rao a dear friend of mine 🙂



Celebrities were spotted at the launch who need no introduction 🙂




It’s I start counting my calorie intake and this cafe will surely help me do that.
Check out how they do it 🙂


Very cool no?
I’ll be posting a review based on my experience as a consumer very soon. 🙂
Looking forward to a prettier and healthier Karachi! 🙂


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