Romantic Sunday brunch at Sajjad’s!

I don’t really like burning myself in the heat of the scorching sun for the holiday tan most die for.
And eating out on a Sunday afternoon is really not my thing … But!
I had it your way Sajjad restaurant!
And I now understand why were people going crazy about Sajjid’s Sunday brunch.
There were a lot of factors going in their favour… The romantic canopy Fahad and I fell in love with at first site!The pleasant wind that kills the burning heat, the beautiful view of the two density of sea water that does not mix with each other is a fact backed by the Holy Quran, the amazing food and the romantic canopy built over the cliff of the sea assures you that paradise indeed won’t be boring. No! Not at all. 🙂




Their menu is big from continental to traditional Pakistani dishes they’ll have some thing for every one! And they are serious about the quality of their ingredients, sourcing from many trusted brands like season canola, cottage, Ava and daily fresh they take really good care of the hygiene.
After a lot of food and we literally tasted everything And the best part? No heart burn ! 🙂



What’s really clever is the wet tissue in the ashtray 🙂 the wind by the sea is usually very aggressive, this stops the ash from flying into your food and all over the table. Spill proof! 😉

The lassi was so light, not too sweet and you can so tell these guys aren’t planning to bloat you up with yoghurt. :p perfect for buffets! Fahad alone drink up 3 glass full and still wanted more… Yes I jumped in quickly to stop him 😀 just like the perfect wife! 😀

I’ll start by showing you the salad bar for the salad people! 🙂
This will be heaven for you! Good variety.

The staff was very active I must say…
For all those so called posh restaurant who claims to offer Karachi fine dining and serve food in a plate with a dirty rim, this is an excellent example for you to learn from. Sajjad ain’t a fine dinning restaurant yet still they understand the importance of presentation and cleanliness.
Anyways coming back to the food !;)

This sure looks like a left over tray of something really amazing but no that’s how trotters are suppose to be (paye). Authentic!

Their Chicken Karahi is insanely delicious highly recommended !

Your children won’t have a problem eating this biryani the spices are very well balance.

The saag was a bit bland for me the paneer used in this dish is not cottage cheese. So This dish did not work for me although I am one of those who love leafy greens and spinach.

The daal was yet another ok dish.

Ok this is keema (mince) and this was really really good! Fahad took two helpings of this for himself and when I tasted it I got to know why instantly… It was sheer bliss! 🙂

The brain masala is actually chicken and brain mix , this too was really really good! For those who love brain masala this is a 10/10 dish!







There was a bread and drinks bar where u could toast your bread pick up boiled eggs, butter and jam.
And how we all love live cooking!
Your omelette your way!
Sunny sides up? Flipped ? All you need to do is say it! 🙂
Their famous Dhaka chicken and Dhaka fish was prepared live!
And so were the BBQ…
Chicken tikka boti and reshmi kebabs!
What’s really good about the food here is the flavour is perfectly sharp! And we loved it!

The half eaten sunny side up is there only to show you the quality of the produce they fetch for us. The yolk is bright orange yellow! Which means the feed for the hens high quality stuff … I hate the pale yellowish yolk! Hate hate it!


The Chinese was ok to Fahad but that’s just because he’s used to always eating chicken chilly DRY!
While I always go for the gravy one. So I liked it and he didn’t. 🙂

The pasta you will like! 🙂 I had a plate full of it. 🙂

The best part about the chicken steak was the sauce! Oh that peppery gravy!



They also had the complete halwa puri breakfast! Very clean flavours… The puri was fluffy, soft and crispy! Cooked live!
There’s just something for everyone!



Nan party!!!! 🙂
Rohgni nan
Garlic nan
Plain nan.
Now the sad part!
It was the last brunch I went to! 😦
They also have sheesha!!! Smooth sheesha. 🙂
I tried their special flavour and it was very soothing.
I also got to speak to the manager and found out that they will be building an air conditioned area to beat the heat and be able to continue the brunch.
They also told me that the food left are always distributed among the workers of all classes.
But the food the customer leaves and refuse to parcel do go to waste for there’s nothing much they can do about it.
There is this habit I picked up from my eldest brother and that’s parcel what ever is left even if it is just a morel or two!
Take it home and eat it the next day or may be your servant might want it.
Give it to the poor what so ever. Just play your part there is nothing to be embarrassed about. People are starving and dying out of hunger in the other part of the work and we are leaving high quality food? To go to waste?
Do it once and explain it to people trust me they will really appreciate that!
It’s a good deed!
Beat the satan! 🙂 lets make this world a better place to live. And together we can! 😀
Sajjad! You rock! 🙂

Oh and I think I forgot the sweet tooth fever stuff! 🙂
Chocolate cake
Sheer khorma
Fruit custard oh yum! 🙂


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