The wheat fairy, wheat berry and me :)

Oh well! Wheat berry! You Holy mother of all grain!!! I bought a packet if them 2 months ago and never understood what Exactly was I do with it…
Until one morning! A wheat fairy woke me up with a gentle whisper in my ear “Haseen get up! Jano move! ”
Wondering in my own sleepy head why the feather did the wheat fairy call me jano? 😀 ( jano is darling in Urdu)
Opening my eyes to find the wheat fairy to be no one but my usual husband Fahad! Half asleep pushing me to the edge of the bed at 6 am complaining about me devouring his bed space. 😀
Ah story of my life. 🙂
And so that morning I was sure google was gonna be my best friend for the day! 🙂
It first took me 10 minutes to actually figure about what a whole wheat grain was called !
Yup it’s called wheat berry. Berry? Seriously? You manufacturer of English language! Seriously berry???
So very obediently I followed the step by step instruction on how to cook it and this is what I did … washed the BERRIES :p and allowed them to boil for 50 minutes in the sea salted water!

That simple!








That was lunch and I must say I’m a fan now! They were really good!
And the best part they are low in fat! High in fibre. 🙂
Rich in :
B vitamins
Vitamin E

You can make sweet and savoury food both using them because they are highly versatile.
Blessed was that day when I didn’t listen to Fahad and picked them up. 🙂
They r easily available in the market because this is an ingredient that goes into the making of Haleem!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Maliha Rao says:

    Love it and sooo tempted yummmM! ❤ I have been experimenting with oats these days 🙂

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