Obeez burger you no funny!

This is hardcore eating!
The burger bigger was then my hand!
I was soooo hungry this afternoon and did not have time to cook let alone get enough sleep :s because I had to leave for the shoot… So while I was getting ready, I was waiting for my burger to come … Yup I ordered 2 burgers from the Obeez Burger!
No it wasn’t all for me I ordered one for Fahad not because he wanted lunch but because I wanted to taste the beef and the chicken! :p
I knew he had lunch with daddy but pretending to forget is always acceptable. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anyways the burger was delivered right one time in fact just but a little early… In less then 45 minutes by lunch of on my door step!
I ordered double beef cheese burger and a stuff chicken burger and look at what I got.





This was the stuff chicken burger!
It was huge!!!! Gigantic!
The chicken Breast fillet was stuffed with cheese and spinach and tasted rich and creamy, topped with a jalapeรฑo mayo based sauce, burger veggies and of-cause cheese!!!! It fillet was crumbed and deep fried!
There’s nothing healthy about this burger and these guys are not overinf you anything healthy! It’s a heart attack in a box!
But I loved it! ๐Ÿ˜€
We eat all sort of stuff like deep fried broast and mota (fat) burger :p
Nihari and paya! Biryani rice soaked in oil and qorma with a thick later if red oil!
Lets get real there’s nothing healthy about the dishes I mentioned above!
The point is this burger was tooooo good!!!
The texture if the chicken was tender! And that’s excellent!
I’ll show u guys what it looks like from inside! It’s like a steak in a bun!

Next up is the double beef cheese burger!!!
This one was exceedingly big! And the height! I didn’t know how to bite into it! It was soooo darn big!
This son of a mother burger was seriously heavy, thick and juicy!
The Two different types of cheese slowly trickled and seeped out as soon as I cut it into half!
Lets see it now yeah? ๐Ÿ™‚





The meat was very well seasoned… And they used sweet pickle which I thought should have been the savory one๐Ÿ˜– and this burger would have been perfect for me!
This is a burger I will definitely order again!
The bun was soft and fresh! I don’t know if they make their own though.
It just Does not end here there’s more!!!
Lookit? Lookit? :p



Fresh healthy salad is that a joke???
And coleslaw too?
Their salad dressing is yum Meeeeee!!!
And look how organise are they?
I am Strongly affected !!!
Good job Obeez burger.
I loved everything about it but what I did not like was the masala on the fries… If I ever go on a diet … That is if! I ever! I will cut this burger into 4 … And each 1/4 of it and then eat nothing any all .
For those who want to know if I was able to finish it or not ?
The answer is no?
๐Ÿ™‚ I ate up the salad and the 1/4 of the beef burger and took a bite from the chicken burger and I was done!
Try it!
You’ll love it!


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