Z’ Apa what’s with you and fried ONIONS???

I think you will close down very soon yet again! I never went to blue ginger ( a restaurant with chefs trained by Zubaida Apa and closed down ) and now I’m glad I never wasted my money there.
Forgive me if I may sound very brutal writing this but man! I had daggers in my hope filled heart and desire for the best Pakistani cuisine Karachi could offer! With chef’s trained by Zubaida Apa herself who would have thought of getting the worst meal of my life!
The believed of her having the keys to the most authentic recipes that age would not mess up with? There are like mountains of doubts growing in my mind because my experience was so bad it’s not even funny!!!

The restaurant is small but that’s not a problem! I wasn’t there for the ambiance I was there for Zubaida Apa’s food!!!
We ordered
Normal roti with garlic butter and that was amazing !!!
Pure white butter and freshly made roti!!! Oh how I wish I had just sticked to that I would have remained happy!
But no luck wasn’t on my side that night!
An Empty restaurant should have been enough for me to leave the place but no!!! The believe was too strong!
This reminds me of how powerful an idiot box can be? Had it not been for her cooking shows I would have not even know her!
The dum Kay pasanday looked like this on their Facebook page!

But what did we get? Mince! With loads of oil and loads of fried onion!!! And it was sour. I was shocked to see the difference! It’s as if they gave us the wrong dish but noooooo the waiter was like this is pasanday and he was convincing us to believe that the meat is so tender it couldn’t wait to melt in your mouth but started to decay in the pot.😡 not funny!


Next the kachi chicken ki biryani again sour! Loads of fried onions!
What is wrong with her???
Ye kounsi nafsiyati zamaney ki cuisine khila rahi hai Bhai! I fail to understand!
I know all her fans will turn against me but lets face it!!! If she can’t cook! She needs to stop now ! It’s ok to grow old and forget and it’s also ok to admit to the fact that your taste buds are not as active as it used to be! But what’s not ok is teaching people how to cook crappy food! Har cheeze Kay upar piyaaz ka tarka nahi laga saktey !!! 😡


Can u guys see the difference? From the color to the grains of rice???
This is not even the right basmati rice to be used in a biryani.

Plain white rice !!! Again tempered with fried onion and green chillies and this time the oil goes in too!!!
I’ll show you the chicken tikkas

The chicken was raw from inside like a lot raw and it was tasteless!!!
I can’t stand bad tikka because I’m used to eating some really really good tikkas And this was just so wrong it was hot and bitter and this is our staple food!!! Common man it’s just a tikka you couldn’t get this right??? How hard can it be ?
Red chilli powder
Lemon juice
Ginger and garlic paste!
How can u go wrong with that??? I fail fail fail to understand!
I’m so frustrated you guys have no idea! 😠
Lastly the mutton handi that took an hour to come to our table !
The meat was sooo tough we could not chew it and the taste was all over powered by turmeric (haldi) reminded me of milk and turmeric my dad would make me drink to heal me from illnesses. Yuck!😖 we send it back!
You need to fix this!
And you surely need help!!!
Zubaida Apa I just hope it’s not you who messed this all up but your chefs!
Because I have huge respect for you and I seriously don’t want that bubble to burst! Pop!
Everything was packed back home! 😞
And trust me I am not the only one telling people about how bad the food was… Your own Facebook page is enough!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maya says:

    Shocked to hear 😮

    1. Don’t know if they have improved or not but I spoke to the owner and she said they were facing some issues with the chefs and kitchen staff… And I stumbled into one of those days …

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