Espresso the story continues!

Linking this up to the previous post I blogged complaining about my three in a row bad experience with them, my friends and I went back to espresso after a really long time! click here for the story.
They got back to me on Facebook and apologised for the disturbance I went through and send me some goodies with a sorry note that I thought was very sweet.
See this is what I’m talking about customer care services!
Much needed in Pakistan. And you know what our problem is really? We accept! Just about anything we accept!
But I did not end up writing all the nice stuff about them just because they sent some goodies my way… “To bribe me” mind you! Never in a million years would that ever happen!
This Sweet lady Nafisa from espresso who was taking care of the situation and me. πŸ™‚ was debugging everything !
She asked me the addresses I asked the smoothie to be delivered to, the dates and also the day when my pizza was stolen and so the time!
Through all that she could debug to the root cause and fix the problem for good!
I was impressed I must say! Very impressed!
So I wrote back to them saying thank you and That I would soon visit them again and write based on my experience.
Today is that day and as promised I am doing so. πŸ™‚
We ordered coffee, ice tea, tea, turkey club sandwich and a grilled chicken sandwich.
They were as usual amazing!
You know when you get those clean fries! Thick and Crispy from the outside and soft mushy inside?
Amazing no?
Their turkey club sandwich is really good because the generous portion of smoked turkey they use is packed with beautiful smokey aroma that takes you to another level! And the best part it ain’t try! Juicy!!!






The grilled chicken sandwich was also good but to question if it beats the turkey club ? No it certainly did not!
Though the chicken was flavoured well and cooked to perfection I still think that smoked protein always win.
Ah but that’s just me. :p
The coffee was excellent cause they brew their own but the tea was a let down… Tea bag? Like seriously?
They make their own ice tea and the chai was a cup of tea bag and hot water?
I’m don’t drink milk tea so it didn’t really bother me but I know for a fact that Fahad would have gone nuts looking at that. :p yup he loves his doodh pati! (Milk tea brewed on the stove)
My ice tea was perfect and so I was happy!


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