Koel’s! You make me go crazy!

Sunday! 27 – April – 2014 … Hot! Karachi turned into a pre heated oven… Ready to bake us all at an efficient 40 plus degrees.
Hopping off from work and heading towards Koel’s for a very late lunch and of course to meet my awesome friends!
Some times, Fahad alone is just not enough 😛
Quenching my thirst with a big glass of water I waited for the waiter to come and cater us. I’m glad this place does big tall CLEAN glasses. 🙂

We were catered by this always happy looking dude! Oh how refreshing! Always smiling! And we were also seated right in front of the air-con which was obviously indoors! ( the transparent no smoking zone ) so in love with their decor and architecture!

So now straight to business the food!!! We tried Different dishes this time.
Let’s start with the starters duh! :p


This is the creamiest baked artichoke dip I have ever enjoyed! And the flavours… Remember that cooking rat in the movie “Ratatouille”? The kinda thing that happens to him when he eats two ingredients together mixing and chewing them together? That’s how I felt. 🙂
The soooooo buttery signature kolcha bread!!! If there was one recipe I am allowed fetch from this cafe to keep with me forever… It would be the recipe to the worlds most amazing kolcha bread!
Yup that’s how I felt!

And this was art on a plate! Oh this beauty! Crunchy walnuts! Fresh Rockets, soft beet roots, powerful thai basil and the blue cheese…
It’s like war between the basil and the blue cheese!!! The basil tries to tame the pungent cheese.
But the dressing… Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and green garlicky pesto… Was this like The perfect family that fights and still stay together no matter what? Yes it was!

I shall now show you the fish fingers… You know what makes me fall so deep in love with this place ?

The art and class poured into everything they do.
This fish is like a secret hidden in an artist heart!
Check out the soy leave inside the fish?
You surprise me every time and that’s why my love affair with you is still alive!
And because you love me too, oh so darn much! your decision to go easy on the salt I no likeeeeeeeey!
Although The tartar sauce was there to balance out all my complain, so you keep me very satisfied!


Time for the mains … Beef medallion ( American ) or Filet mignon ( French ).
This was heavy!
Like seriously heavy and I haven’t even had my dessert yet!… And can you see how beautiful this dish is?
I never thought I would like sweet potatoes with beef but the combination was very impressive… Again going into a tripping mode. ( wild trance ). 🙂
See the pink pigmentation in the middle ? Good no? 🙂 you can see from the picture that they use high quality stuff. And the perfect grill marks. Yes this is indeed Perfection!
Black and green olives, tiny little button mushrooms ,
carrots, courgettes and rocket leaves were the accessories to this dish.
Balsamic reduction and the sauce! This sauce I am not telling you about because I want you to go try it out . 🙂 so I’ll leave the curiosity up in the air.


Chicken steak with this tempered butter sauce and yes this was to die for!
Packed with crazy flavours your taste buds will dance to this I promise!
The chicken was so tender and flavourful I really don’t understand how they do it! And I have once blogged about their chicken! click here for the story


Dessert!!! 🙂 the happy hormone injector. 😀
People say, it’s the sugar but I disagree!
Eating sugar would not make me happy. Nope not at all 😛
The first dessert we will talk about is the caramel banana toffee on biscuit base topped with cream and chocolate sauce.

The banana and the toffee caramel goes soooo well with each other like that friendship you have with that particular friend who gets you just like that! With loads of promises and never disappointed from? 🙂
This was the walnut chocolate pudding cake … I am not a huge fan of walnuts when it comes to dessert… So this dish is not doing much for me but it surely did steal the boys attention. Oh they were loving it! … The pudding was firm and had loads of walnuts… Very warm and heart filling.
Next I will show you chocolate dessert…
Of course we couldn’t have left without chocolates…. We are talking serious love here 🙂 you and me koel!

Lets see the pictures…20140430-053846.jpg
It 20140430-054006.jpg
It’s delicious but I will still go for the banana toffee dessert! It just won me over!

That’s banana yoghurt smoothie and lemon mint cooler!
Highly recommended! 🙂



Koel! You are a giver! A generous giver!
And you are spoiling me. 🙂


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  1. umairhmirza says:

    The blog is as delicious. Enjoyed reading it 🙂

  2. aamiriat says:

    Love the photos ❤

  3. Ainee says:

    Amaziinnggg food.. ❤

  4. Really enjoyed reading it! I know what I’m trying next time I visit Koel 🙂

  5. Fariha Rashed says:


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