Marigold & Honey – what a peaceful place.

I know it’s been a long long time since I last blogged but trust me I have been missing you guys like crazy!!!

No! Eating out ceased not for me, it just was a battle I had with time and work!

Last Wednesday I walked into “Marigold & Honey” to join my friends for brunch and caught myself stepping into a tiny little déjà vu!
I have been thinking about England and been missing Glasgow quite a lot lately… And this place reminds me so much of “Chai Upna” a tiny little hippy like cafe in Glasgow… Tiny little tea pots, live music, sheesha and some delicacies to munch on… Very Harry Potter, Dim dark but very peaceful.

I met the owner of this place, Shamira aunty! Masha Allah Beautiful, kind and humble… She gives out this warm feeling of being welcomed and hence the cosy ambiance of her cafe with simple paintings, plates and art work hung here and there.
I will reveal to you now her! 🙂


What it looks it?



Their menu? 🙂 the best part huh? 😉





Now the food!!! 🙂

We start off with multi grain bread and butter accompanied by marmalade and honey! I loved it!
Some like their bread with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, some
Like it with strawberry jam, cheese and butter but for me everything works! I look for good delicious freshly baked bread! I crave for bread at times! 🙂



Scramble eggs with fresh Mushroom!!! Thank you for using fresh mushrooms, the can ones has no flavour at all and I’m happy you took very good care of that! Look at the quantity! Salute!


The salmon scramble eggs with asparagus, dill and cream cheese sauce was amazing too I love the creativity done with salmon and asparagus… Turning it into a carrot. 🙂 what I really like is the amount of simple ingredients put together to great one dish that highlights everything!


The steaks! Mine was Midium rare with healthy salad On the sides and my friend asked for a well done with the regular French beans and potatoes…they nailed it!!! Temperature? Check:)
Seasoning? Check:)
Quantity? 250 gm check 🙂
Happy me ? Check check check!!! 😀
let’s take a look!!!






The fish dish! I normally avoid having fish outside because according to me people here don’t really know how to treat it right …
Anyways so the snapper fillet with oyster sauce and the cooked ginger garnish served with baby pea pods were amazing!!! Had this bean served with rice it would have been a proper thai dish! I really enjoyed the flavours.


Something sweet and fresh?
Fruity juicy pancakes!!! Perfect cake pan in a very long time! 🙂


We ordered a mango drink and a watermelon drink!
My vote goes to the mango drink 🙂
The watermelon drink was too watery for me.






Look at the the imperfect tea set!!!! This was done on purpose and I love it … The tea and coffee are brewed. 🙂
I have to show you guys the bill for I was shocked! 😮


Not bad haan? I’m sure mad hatter would have loved this place!




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Saira says:

    Brilliant review !!!!! Your absence was desperately felt.
    On a side note, the owner is amazingly pretty.

    1. Hai na ? And a beautiful soul too

  2. maha says:

    Nice! i just feel the pic of shamira aunty doesnt do justice to her , could have been a better pic. The place is nice and quaint but i do feel that they should not allow kids at all be it any age group they have to be a little harsh about it . Way too small a place. hardly does one want a wailing or rowdy child , sorry no offence to any moms , but taking up a place or chairs that could be for a couple /2 friends that are waiting to be seated.

    1. I love kids 🙂 and if I owned a restaurant I really wouldn’t know how to say no to them 🙂 so I’ll just be neutral here 🙂

  3. Asma Abbasi says:

    Thank You for posting, this is a dream come true I can safely vouch knowing Shamira for years. I am thrilled, overjoyed, looks fabulous just I had imagined it to be. She lives, thinks, invents, creates cooking…her expression of love. Well one has to experience only to know 🙂

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