AMIGO EXPRESS’s spicy wings!

Frankly speaking I didn’t really expect anything WOW from this place as I have been cheated many a times by menu cards that show western looking food Ofcoz pictures fetched from the Internet but taste and look very local… clearly I was wrong!!!

I only tried the spicy chicken wings from here and they were amazing…
Flavours like southern cayenne peppers, hot and sour. Tangy to the core of the chicken bones. Hmm! Know what I’m talking about?
That delicious!
Crispy and crusty from the outside, tender smooth white chicken meat inside.
They give you a garlic dip that I like to pour all over it because it’s really really thin! No that’s not a good thing but I will accept that because they give you 8 of these yummilicious wings for rupees 250 only!

A bowl of steamed rice and these 8 wings and I’ll be floating in food heaven!

It’s at boat basin in between Roll Inn and Subway.





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