“Chai Master” why am I coming back to you? Singing “Aye Fateeraaaaaa ajaaaaaaa, aye Fateera tu na jaaaa”. :p

I know how much the boys of K-town love their “chai”.
And chai master is one of the very popular spot where you will find cars and bikes parked with mostly boys sitting standing and sipping tea, gossiping and laughing their time away.
This place never did fascinate me, nope not at all and not because I am a woman and that this place wasn’t for girls and females … But because first there wasn’t any sitting arrangement for family and second they only served paratha for food!

My friends wanted hot chocolate and I apologise for not getting a picture of it to show u guys but I promise u their hot chocolate with 2 floating semi melting marshmallow was indeed a decent make!
But why am I going back to Chai Master?

It’s the Fateera!!! An Egyptian farmers food that’s fit for a king and still in demand”.
Google has a lot of history record on it and you might just wanna go down that road to a learn a bit more about this.
It’s simple pastry thin and light, of course very buttery and what else?
Yup! It’s got fillings!!!
You choose from
Chicken and
3 cheese which actually is cream
Cheese,mushrooms and olive!
Mind u no mozzarella! Although the menu says so…
But anyways I wasn’t bothered because it was delicious!
Here’s what it looks like!!!


And this is how it was from
It’s really worth it! Specially the chicken filling one!
It’s just too good!!!

Give it a go!

It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to come!


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