Quinoa! The new protein rice! No more carbs!

Being and Asian by birth and having been brought up in Bangkok made me fall into a serious love relation with rice.
We would eat rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the “in between” snack time! It’s gotta be rice! Even our dessert are mostly made of rice!
The stuff we do with rice is obsessive!
We infuse our rice with jasmine flower,
Grind it, sun dry it, steam it, boil it, fry it, make noodles out of it and the list just simply goes on!
And the types ! Oh how I miss the black sticky rice soo much…
I personally don’t really like roti or nan and bread clearly does not satisfy me the way rice does. But noooooo!!! That’s it !!!
Rice you gotta go now … As your full of carbs 🙂
I shall keep you precious and have you only on special occasion from Now on!
Never am I taking you for granted nope, nomore! 😱

My new rice is quinoa “the gold of the inca’s” they come in three Colours red, black and white!

The red one is the best! As the white ones come with a bitter after taste.
However the black one’s almost like the red ones when it comes to taste!
And we get them easily from Neco.
Easy to cook! Just simply boil it for 15 minutes or untill you want if
It rises to double the amount once cooked!
Its not as cheap as rice… But it’s mostly protein which makes it the perfect rice substitute for when you on a high protein diet schedule.










I made sushi out of them and they were delicious!!!
The only complain about these little pearls is that it’s not as economical as rice!
For a 400gm pack i paid 1150 Pak rupees at Necos.
I also bought then from Agha’s super market once, for 350gm I paid 1250 Pak Rupees.
As for rice I pay 215 Pak rupees for a kilo!

Give it a go!
It’s healthy, organic and it’s gluten free!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. aamiriat says:

    Thank you Haseeena, I remember we discussing it at that Koel meetup. Would surely try it, however I wonder what does it taste like?

  2. Urshela says:

    Interesting! Although very curious if they taste the same as normal rice if used as a substitute.

    1. They don’t taste exactly like rice but they taste some what like it… It’s really versatile takes up any flavor and taste u add to it

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