Has anyone heard of Freshxpress?

With the kind of life I have… a day off means connecting to my Beatspill playing a song that sings, “Today I swear I’m not doing anything”. Yes! that Bruno Mars Lazy Song!
Soft warm bed is one of my weakness and there was no way I was to hit the market, no! noway!
I knew I was out of vegetables… and for some very weird reason I did wanted some greens… not knowing what google had in store for me… I very casually looked for a some one to home deliver me some fruits and vegetables. Believe me! In the subconscious of my mind I never thought I would find one but to my surprise I actually did found Freshxpress!!! I placed my order and also requested for tofu which was not in their menu and they did got them for me.

How this work is simple… all you do is Dial their number or create and an account on their website and place your order online…
you order today! you get the produce the next day.

The thought of not having to go out in the heat hitting the road with frustrating traffic is just one of the blessings I consider myself having from now on!

The rates are either lower then the market or the same as the market so we do not have to worry about it being too expensive…I shall clear this out loud! šŸ™‚ by showing you the bill šŸ˜€

I just had too !!! After all they were fresh produce!
I just had to!!! After all they were fresh produce!

Take a look at the bill! its not expensive at all!!!
Many think it is a home delivery thing so it will cost more then the market but hey! take a look at it for yourself!

the bill!!!
the bill!!!
these beauty are called tofu!!!
bean sprout
bean curd
also known as bean curd
french beans
french beans
oh solo fresh!!!
oh solo fresh!!!

What I did for dinner was cooked the bean sprout with thai basil and chillies… they were so fresh and leaving it until the next day would have been a crime! These roots are delicate and needs immediate attention… and I was never to ignore that fact! šŸ˜€
Into the hot wok they go! šŸ˜›

stir fry bean sprout with basil and chilli! :)
stir fry bean sprout with basil and chilli! šŸ™‚

What I normally do with the basil is that I leave their stems dipped into a glass of water just to give it more life… They way we do to flowers in a vase? yup! the same way and they stay alive and fresh for longer. šŸ™‚

Thai basil
Thai basil

Whats really good about them is that they actually do have ORGANIC PRODUCE too.

Mr Taufiq Riaz is the owner of Freshxpress and I would like to thank you for introducing this system here in Pakistan!

Here is what their fresh organic produce look like! I am delighted by it all! After all FRESH organic produce is one of my weakness. šŸ™‚

organic baby spinach!
organic baby spinach!
super juicy organic red round tomatoes
super juicy organic red round tomatoes
organic radish
organic radish

This is a must try and you’ll see the delivery boy won’t leave until you have inspected your purchase to satisfaction.
Fresh X press is not to be mistaken with Fresh Express… They don’t have an “E” in xpress. šŸ˜€
visit them on www.freshxpress.com.pk


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