TAO! Please take my advise seriously. ☺️

I was super excited about this place because of all the positive reviews I was reading on several food groups but some how I just wanted to judge it myself!
I knew they were serving a mix of oriental Asian cuisine but what I really wanted to try were from their Japanese and Thai menu.
I will never go there for Chinese because for that I have China town serving me Chinese food in authentic flavours, flesh like jellyfish, shark fin, ox’s tongue and soft crispy fried duck.
Being half Thai and knowing a lot about Thai food I begin to inquire about some stuff I had doubts about. ( the difference between Thai basil and holy basil).
I was instantly introduced to the Thai chef who has just been here for 20 days. They discovered him in Dubai.
Meet the Thai chef! 😌

After a long chat with the owners and the chef I was ready to place my order and by that time I knew even better of what I should be ordering!

I ordered prawn Tom yam soup and refuse to have the ready bottled chilly oil drizzle because the actual chilli oil that goes into the real Tom yam soup is made from the fats that is in the prawn’s head and they will soon be making their own chilly oil. 👌😘
This is what the soup looked like and I loved it!


I will definitely go back again once they start serving this with the real chilly oil! 😊

We ordered Assorted Nigiri and Crispy California from the Japanese menu and I must tell you for what they were charging I really think it’s not that bad! However given the choice between Oishi sushi and Tao for these two dishes I will be more happy to sit down at Oishi sushi just because it’s better! ☺️





They had a live sushi bar too where u can sit down and have an individual serving of your choice of sushi.





For the main I ordered green chicken curry,
Pad Thai and Kraphao chicken.

The original Kraphao dish does not have kafir lime leaves in it and I don’t really think it was needed here either. Kraphao is not Thai basil… It is intact holy basil. Both are available here because what most people don’t know is that holy basil is known here by the name Tulsi and Thai basil is called Marva.


The green curry was good but! 😕 had this after taste of coconut oil or coconut essence … In most cases this happens when you use coconut milk powder instead of fresh coconut milk… I understand that running a restaurant is clearly not an easy task but there is a way to improve and debug this… Switch to suri’s coconut cream that comes in a can! 😘


The Pad Thai this is the dish I did not like at all it was just all wrong!
The best pad Thai is still the noodle house’s… It reminds me of home right away!!! So close to how they do it on the streets of Bangkok!
I feel it was too sour and it was just too wrong!
I’m sorry to say this but this dish was a complete fail!


At Tao’s you need not buy the steam rice… It’s on the house! 😁I asked for h


They don’t have dessert as yet and I hope the dessert they bring in belongs to Japan, Thailand and China! It’s high time Karachi gets a taste of them too! 😁

I love the ambience at TAO’s and I’ll show you why? 😉









I really think Tao has a lot of potential to excel as one of the leading fine dining restaurant in Karachi and for those who have been asking about it, I suggest you go and try it out for yourself! Who knows you just might like it the way it is!

We asked for chilli in fish sauce called Naampla prik
And the chef happily prepared that for us.


I don’t think it was expensive for what they were offering check out the bill yourself… We were four heavy eaters and by the end of the end we had left overs to take home too. 😊


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  1. Shariq says:

    “the actual chilli oil that goes into the real Tom yam soup is made from the fats that is in the prawn’s head”.

    What?! Really??

    You know way too much about food 🙂

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