Big Hero 6… why did Tadashi have to die???

I understand that without killing Tadashi this story would have been different but for some reason I JUST wished they didn’t have to kill him at least not that soon.
I some how thought they would bring him back when BayMax said “Tadashi is here” but to my disappointment it was just a video recording of him. 😦

Too much pain… just too much pain!!!
I can’t imagine loosing any of my brothers… and here he was the only one!


I think Honey Lemon was very cute and Wasabi was so much like Fahad!!! Everything must be in order! A typical OCD case…. 😜
Oh! how I love messing with him on this. 😏 (maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!)
Go Go!!! Loved that purple dye!!! I think I might just go try that out on my hair!!! Yup! I seriously think I should! I love to colour my hair and I don’t think I will ever stop! 😁
I hated the three eyed monster costume they designed for Fred… Fredzilla! Three eyes??? Really? That’s just but a it too much! It just seems like Disney is obsessed with three eyed creatures!
They look stupid and disgusting! 😒

Hiro is cute and adorable! I’m glad they did not make him look nerdy by tradition! He looked cool and smart kids should look cool! 😉


I might sound crazy but the idea of having an Inflatable friend is just amazing!!! I want one!!!
And that’s what Disney does to me every time… I end up wanting it and then I looked at Fahad. Fine, he ain’t inflatable but I think I’ve already got one! 😘 Alhamdullilah!


I don’t like that guy no! And for some reason once again I hoped it was Tadashi… Until he tried to kill hiro and that was it from that moment onwards I knew it was the professor behind that mask!


Notice the man behind the mask being taller then the professor in this image below?😒


I don’t think they did justice to this character.😞


But nevertheless it was Worth all my time! 😄
Laughter, suspense and tears it was all there! ☺️


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