Domino’s pizza are you trying to kill us ???

We ordered domino’s pizza from Eatoye yesterday much because it went down to 44% off and also because we like their pizza but to sadly the discount is not just on the product but also on the quality!
We received an over cooked pizza with burn pepperoni edges.


And as we were looking at those edges we discovered something shiny!
Shiny on a pizza??? Eeerrrr no it can’t be!
Foil paper!!!

And another one!
That was it for me !


What are these guys doing to us?
What happened to the concept of making food with care and love ?
Over powered by the concept of making money!
I called Eatoye to complain about this but they hung up the phone on me!😡😡😡😡😡
Food panda however is better in this regard they make sure your catered well and solve your problem!


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