Candyland ki chocolate novella will make us Pakistani very proud!

This evening I was chased down my a man in a red jacket with a gift basket in his right hand screaming out, “Madam! Madam! Pls rukh jaye”. ( madam madam Pls stop) …😊
He missed me by a second as I took the lift down while he was in the other lift coming up!
And for some reason his phone wasn’t working but I have to admit this guy was smart! He inquired about me and was told that she’s the lady with green hair and just left! πŸ˜’ He rushed to the parking lot and that’s where the story begun!

A whole basket full!!! Fine chocolate is one of my weakness!☺️
Love the smoothness of this chocolate! Candyland you nailed it man! Cadbury is slightly sandy. Novella seems to be more smoother for some reason … Sticky smooth I must say… No it’s not like caramel… It’s chocolate with more umm πŸ˜•
smooth gooeyness! All in a good way!
I’m not saying this because I got a free basket of it! 😀
Normally our local chocolate taste much of cocoa butter and after sometime also develops sugar bloom which looks highly unappetising but I’ll have to say Novella has the potential to compete with Cadbury!
This is one Pakistani chocolate I’ll be really proud of!
Let my guest from
England and America come to Pakistan next time and I’ll make sure they pack back with them
Novella for the kids and family as gifts and give aways the way we hog back a suitcase full of their chocolates!!! It’s time they take back Pakistani pride! ☺️

You have to have to try it!








That’s how it looks like from inside! ☺️


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  1. Raheemdeen says:

    vvip vvip nouella chocolate

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