100 rupees fish!

Along the lines of Seaview… You know there are canteens… But there is this one canteen in particular I wanna tell you about !

It’s called the people’s fast food
They are selling fried black Pomfret for a 100 rupees each!!! That’s lesser then a pound!!! We assumed easily that the world is out of generous people so the fish will be as tiny as the palm of our hand… But whoops! We were wrong!!!๐Ÿ˜„
These guys are From Lahore! They take their quality and quantity seriously! Food is for eating and so eat the heart out!!!
It was surprisingly very fresh!!! We couldn’t stop ourself from pinching out all the meat from it!
You guys must try this …
There is a ranger office right opposite to this canteen… Which makes it very safe!!! You’ll see families sitting eating and drink… Enjoying the cool breeze.
Try it out!๐Ÿ˜




One Comment Add yours

  1. Ali Imran says:

    could you share its exact location

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