The quick before morning hunger fix!

It was 6 am and I was super hungry and Found myself scrolling up and down people’s post on their food and that made me even more hungry so I called up Eatoye and wanted some mc Donald’s from their regular menu but failed coz their breaky time was on.
Made post on different food forums asking for suggestion from total strangers😭😭😭.
And all I got was Kfc, pizza’s and mc Donald’s!!!
But I wanted real food by that time😭😭😥.
Clearly ordering in was out for me … Strolling like a ghost into the dark kitchen, peeping deep inside my fridge finding nothing that would interested… Left overs and fruits plus raw vegetables… My mind by this time was screaming gourmet! Gourmet! GOURMET!!!😣
I must have been too hungry!!!
Shutting one door to open another, sausages freezing all by its own lonely and waiting to be eaten!
And just before giving up on gourmet, my brain kicked in an idea … Seaweed!!!
I walked into my pantry to find some roasted seaweed sheets and a tub of Mayo and that was it!!! Life was suddenly bright and beautiful once again!!!
A sausage seaweed roll!!!
And off to bed with a happy tummy I go!





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