Cosmopolitan what have you done !!!

We walked into Cosmopolitan at 6 pm and wanted to loosely sit down through the evening, after being up for a whole night working only to be accompanied by a seriously stressful day at work… Winter is leaving and I’m not as yet ready to welcome summer! All I wanted was a simple ending to the day… Fine food, good mocktail and the best company, my husband! Tell me if there is anything wrong with that!
We first decided to sit inside and as we were seated the menu followed right in.
A 14 pages long menu!!! I sinked into it for a while… like quite a while. πŸ˜•
I was actually surprised at the selection of food they were offering… but still very frankly wasn’t really expecting much.
Yup! that simple and short!

I see investment. πŸ™‚
wall sketches that takes you from the old Karachi to the new! very clever! Never forget your culture! πŸ™‚



I choose this wall to be my favourite! It says it all!

And as I was enjoying the art my eyes saw this and thought hey! Why not!!!


Though I really liked how they made such good use of natural light to brighten the place up. Fahad was dying to go out because he wanted to smoke and wasn’t this evening about loosely relaxing our stress off?
So out we were after placing our order.


My mushroom cream soup came in first … Nothing special … A regular continental soup loved by the people of K-Town! I will happily include myself in. 😁
Nothing wrong with keeping it simple and not special. Though the garlic bread was heavenly!
I was not in the mood to judge really… Wasn’t even planning on writing about it this soon until this came in…
The CanapΓ©s!!!

Smacking genius!!!! Do you know what am I talking about??? On a base of Bread the goat cheese alone can we very pungent but what cuts through is the rich sweetness from the figs!!! And oh that crunch from the walnut!!! Oh ommmm!!! My evening was no longer simple no more!!! 😭
Fine food is one of my weakness! ☺️
Smartly done food another. πŸ™‚ And I must say, smartly done!!! 😏

The chicken and mushroom Vol au vent was tall and perfectly air blown… So, so light. No fat solids to annoy the hell out of you, yup those bad fat solids that sticks up on the ceiling of the inside of your mouth and leaves a bad after taste. 😣

The smoked salmon and sour cream canapΓ©s with pickle relish… The amount of details these guys are putting into making these stuff… it’s actually extremely impressive!!!
I felt like I was being tested… I was actually so focused and didn’t want to miss out on anything… By this time Cosmopolitan had already gain my respect!
They understand food so well just the way I do … It’s not science! It’s love!!!
It’s passion and most importantly it’s life! And they understood that!
It’s not about using posh and unusual ingredients to create something spectacular… It’s about making the best combination, it’s about making it work!
Simple stuff like mayo, cucumber, bread , olive and pineapple made an amazing canapΓ©. It’s about how you do it!
As much as I urge to go back for this dish on my second visit… I shall tell you that I won’t because there is so much more on their menu that I really want to try out first … Perhaps after the 4th or the 5th visit or may be after I’m done trying all of their other stuff! 😁
Next up …

Spaghetti with Chilli Garlic Prawn
I have no words for this dish… Except for criticism for the kind of pasta people here are getting used to, mostly Alfredo white sauce and tomatoey marinara. There’s more to pasta and spaghetti…
And I will be very sad if this dish goes off the menu … Yes I liked it that much!
It was so fresh and infused to perfection! Good size Prawns seasoned and cooked to perfection! It’s easy to over cook prawns and really easy to mess it up by undercooking it too, I don’t know the person who designed this menu for cosmopolitan but “I Must tell you that I have become your fan!”.
This is real food!
And I thank you for it!😘

The balsamic reduction!

Chicken Glazed Balsamic!
Now you see how my simple evening end up becoming all about food? Now you know why? Blame me would you now ?
Tender juicy chicken breast tempered with onion, garlic, fresh mushrooms and chilli… Drizzled with balsamic reduction…. What more does a chicken breast need?
Fresh Pesto pasta!!! Is like bonus to this dish… Their pesto was not even thick but it was packed with so much flavour… The marriage is clearly not arranged here! 😊

A glass of Good mocktail is one of my weakness and this Blue Hawaiian was the only thing I did not like… I’m very picky with my mocktails so it’s just a matter of it being a personal preference… I couldn’t find anything wrong about it except that I did not like it! 😜


But this beauty is called Cosmopolitan!!! And I loved it!!!
I know the ingredient used and it’s a really rare one for a mocktail really.
I’ll leave that for you to go play the guessing game with your friends and family!πŸ˜‰
No one ! No one in Pakistan does this mocktail! No one!

This Banoffee pie !!! :O

I’m not even kidding!!! The balance of the sweetness from the sticky and chewy caramel base with a very thin layer of Soft banana slices topped with whipped cream… This is pure happiness … This is the kind of happiness I just don’t want to share.😜 You know one of those caramel that is over loaded with the taste of over cooked sugar and you can taste nothing at all… except the sweetness? You see people enjoy it because it is sweet! :S
This I promise will make you feel like your eating FOOD!
I’m gonna go back tomorrow for this!

And you will have to try it out for yourself … For those who hate bananas I don’t even know what to say to know guys… Sigh!!! Stuff you guys are missing out on!!! Ya merey Khuda!!!! (Oh dear Lord)!
Our bill!!!


Not bad at all!

I can very easily end my post here but there’s more to share Becoz of this guy!

One down to earth guy!

The owner of this place Mohsin Ihsan…
He walked up to check on us … Asking if every thing went well… After the introduction we invited him to join us for a chat and he happily accepted our invitation… I gave him my feed back and as we were talking his waiter walked up with this !

Mr. Chow!
What was going on?
Poached egg topped with crispy fried Thinly sliced ginger On a bed of Steamy spicy risotto rice stir fried with prawns calamari chicken and beef…
He’s gonna be working on the rice … He promised as we felt it lacked something… You know when there is this room where you go like something is missing?
And then another dish was placed Infront of us…
The Parisian!
Puff pastry, caramelised onions, rocket leafs and oh those poached eggs…

I want to show you how perfect these poached eggs were because words might just not do it the justice it deserves!
Check it video out! πŸ˜€

The puff stood out because of it being seasoned with salty cheese that cut right through the sweetness of that beautifully caramelised onions… topped with the nuttiness from the rocket leaves and ummmmm that yolk! who am I kidding here!

Their very popular Mykonos!!!
I have been seeing this a lot on Facebook the very popular chops with scrambled eggs… but how good can it be? served with flatbread… ok flatbread… again how good can this be?
The first bite we took … and that was it BANG!!!

our reaction after the shock! ummmmmmmm
our reaction after the shock! ummmmmmmm
us! after that! staring at the dish saying… “yeh kia kar diya hai yaar”. (what have you done my friend).

From the texture to the consistency of this scrambled eggs they nailed it all… I have never come across any one who could make me the perfect scrambled eggs… here in Pakistan… not even my mom! NO! And a staff who was moved from the management into the kitchen just 2 months ago did it… his name is Atif and today I want him to teach me how to do this!
Making scrambled eggs is easy but making the perfect scrambled eggs is as hard as getting the soufflΓ© to raise and stay! I do not expect many of you to understand this but those out there who call themselves “chef” and fail at this should be ashamed!
The flatbread was seasoned, seasoned and seasoned… no wait a little bit more!
I will have to add this to the list of my weaknesses… well seasoned flatbread is one of my weakness now. πŸ™‚


Hot is out and cold is in! These pancakes are served slightly cold … more like room temperature… and the chocolate, mouse and cream does everything for it! I don’t think my words are needed here… the picture is speaking for itself!
If I will ever have to compare both the dessert I will stick to their banoffee pie while Fahad will order these pancakes regardless.

I wish Cosmopolitan a very good luck and I strongly recommend this place to you all.

Oh wait did I forgot to show you a picture of that scrambled eggs? Yes I sure did! here you go! πŸ™‚ Cheers!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Siddhartha says:

    Where is it, and is it too hard on your pocket? I want to have that scrambled eggs and pancakes om nom nom 😦

    1. It’s right next to Xanders and keep around 1200-1500 per head

  2. aikbalish says:

    I love the food and ambiance at cosmopolitan. Definitely trying Spaghetti with Chilli Garlic Prawn next time I visit.

    1. Oh you must!!! πŸ™‚

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