Sinking my spoon into delicious home-made frozen dessert from BARAF


We have all had Nutella ice cream from around here and there and BARAF does it too just not the way anyone else does!!!

My life must have hundreds of Nutella jars orbiting around it and no I ain’t kidding!

But this particular Nutella ice cream!!! The consistency was correct! They nailed the smoothness…the flavour lasted till the end and you will be able to tell that it’s not food flavouring to fool your senses but in went some big amount of Nutella out from the jar!



This is peanut brittle ice cream and it’s pretty much like peanut butter!!! It’s got peanuts ofcoz …  A hit of salt in an ice cream is just simply delicious.


I can’t wait to try their other flavors like Thai young coconut!

And for those who have been asking for their contacts there you go … Down below! ☺️

These guys can be contacted on this number 03368300829






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