Super easy fashion statement nail art!

I don’t usually like ordinary stuff and I have been roaming around K-Town with nail color done this way for three days now… And I’m so bored of it!

Two light and three dark!

It looked good to me then but not anymore but they were perfectly fine, so I thought may be just an edit … A tiny little one. 😉

So this is what I did …I took some sticker strips and sticked it on the bottom and tips of my nails like shown below and I painted it with black… They now look amazing!

You can use cellophane tape if you don’t have sticker strips… And your good to go!

these are the sticker strips I was talking about.

stick it on like this for the tips

and like the ones done on the light ones for the bottom

painting it black

after this …

let it dry

peel away the sticker

left hand

right hand

Both Hands!!! 😘

Dip the brush into the nail polish remover…

Rub away all the errors.

I just love how neat they turn out to be every time!

Do it on both the hands.

Apply top coat to seal the deal! ☺️

looking good!

And your done!


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