Steep Ice cream for breakfast! Becoz it’s Sunday! :) Could this be an effordable treat?

Oh what a morning! I am totally in love with these ice-creams from “Baraf”!

Baraf! I love you! 😍

True and simple! 😘

Their “Bangkok coconut” ice cream is so much like the ice cream we use to eat in Thailand made from the Young aromatic Thai coconut. 

The texture is a mix of sorbet and cream… Very refreshing!

The amount of young coconut flesh that they put in is highly generous!

I was chewing and chewing with delicious pleasure! This is one ice cream that made me very happy! Like seriously happy!

What I love the most about this is that it’s not super sweet like most ice creams we get from here and there. It’s just so nice well balanced.

My very special Sunday breakfast!

We have had strawberry cheesecake…  Blueberry cheesecake and even Mango and Peach cheese cake… But have any one of you had Kiwi Cheesecake? 

Or say Kiwi Cheesecake ice cream? it’s sour and creamy and salty and sweet and crunchy and smooth and soft and fruity and cheesy and buttery all at the same time.

The base!

The second helping!

Bangkok coconut is for Pak Rs. 1000 a litre and Pak Rs. 600 for half a litre.

The Kiwi Cheesecake is for Pak Rs. 1500 a litre.

I know, I know ! That’s a lot for ice cream but trust me on this guys it’s all worth it! 

The quality, taste and uniqueness will justify it all.

I seriously don’t want to choose between the two but if I ever had to … Bangkok coconut wins hands down!

You have to try it to believe me.

They can be contacted here:


And here 


Neatly done!



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