Another day another gourmet recipe. My food bag!

Macaroon crusted fish fillet… Wasn’t sure about this recipe at all. Coconut and almond mix on an oven baked fish… Never would have thought of doing that. In my head it screams wrong! Wrong! So darn wrong!

But I just had to try it… Swapping the macaroon mix with my own bread base crumb seem to be a very good idea and a really safe one. That was some seriously temptation but it wouldn’t really be different would it?

It does look really good… Thought the coconut and almond mix wasn’t quite the same…I can see the coconut shaving in the picture… The mixture I got was way more fine.

The salad was simple… Fennel, celery, Apple, red onion, lemon juice and olive oil. It worked! The sweetness from the apple combined with the liquorice flavour of the fennel cooling down with watery burst of celery… Good! It was good! This slaw is really peppery I must say… And the marriage with the fish is just perfect.

I seasoned the fish with salt and pepper. Added lemon zest and olive oil to the mix as instructed. A little bit more olive oil on the top and into the oven it went.

Simple rough cut chips, melted butter, pink salt and olive oil. Into the oven! 30-45 minutes on 200 and this is what you get.


The slaw!

I don’t think this is a dish I will be cooking again for Fahad because he didn’t like it at all. Normally new flavours excites him and he’s taste palate is pretty cultured. But this just did not do it for him. Just to let you know Nadia Lim, I personally liked it. ☺️

I will try this macaroon mix that I have saved with turkey or prawns just for myself! ☺️ Fahad will have to live with soup on that day! 😜 may be some chips too.😉


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