Powerful Edamame.

You know one of those mornings  when you just don’t feel like making breakfast but the thought of a big English breakfast hovers around your head making you want all that heavy protein? 

I convince yourself that it’s breakfast and won’t be having lunch so it’s going to be ok but end up having lunch anyways… Sigh! a life of a foodie!

Yesterday was one of those days! 

Dragging myself to the kitchen stared into the fridge like a zombie for a good 3-4 minutes and saw something I totally forgot about!

Edamame beans!!! Super food in my fridge and I don’t have to do anything to it! Becoz it’s already cooked and salted.

I popped these boys into the microwave to heat it and breakfast was ready! Sinking into the sofa watching “Call The Midwives” nibbling of this yummy treat sure was a holiday well spent! At least for me.😊

It kept me going without lunch! They are yummy and super healthy. 

Try them out! I know you’ll love them.




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