Two and twelve’s beautiful butter

We went down to Bondi beach at the Tamara coast to the sculpture by the sea and was blown away with all those ideas people put out. Art has always been one of my weakness. 

 That’s Fahad blending in… Clearly didn’t work! But did make a good photo.πŸ‘ŒπŸ» And no! The white dudes ain’t real. 
Embrace! Something I understood instantly! I love how soft this feels even though the shape and material used are hard!  
 And that’s us! And after this picture we were very hungry! 
We went to Two and Twelve because we wanted to try their slow smoked beef brisket and that amazing butter.

Even though it took a very long time to come… Like really really long! I have to say it was worth the wait! 

 Beef brisket

It was soft, juicy and intensely smoked! I barely used the knife for this, yup! That soft! Sweet, salty, sticky and packed with flavour, it’s all about the flavour here! 300gm of beef for $26, I reckon this dish is fairly priced. The pickles were fresh! But man that butter!!! The first thing that hits you is the aromatic butter, the creamy texture and then the buttery salty goodness… Then the herbs and pepper does the job, kicking at the end making you want more! 

Fahad went for the burger and thought it was very small. He also was disappointed because there were no sides… Calling for chips! $15 for this burger alone.  

$7 more for the hand cut chips. He skipped.😜 But he loved the burger because it was soft and juicy in every way! 

Loud music, happy people and good food you can’t go wrong with that! 😊



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