Gotta luv-a-duck! 

My love for duck is clearly due to my mom! Every week at night, mom would drive papa and me up into the jungle of Samphran to inspect the baskets of Betel leaves before they were cargoed from Bangkok to Karachi and I would sleep, wait, play but never bored. On the way into the jungle fireflies were always spotted. Crazy growing climbing vines of betel leaf. Beautiful memories… Beautiful feeling!☺️

On our way back to the city, stopping by the roadside braised duck stall was tradition.

This is not Peking duck. It’s braised and it’s salty and yummy…fat nicely rendered and not sweet at all. The burst of flavour and oh that juice meaty goodness! 

My, my, my! Nothing like it really! 

They were chopped down and chucked into a paper bag and then a plastic bag… I don’t remember any sauces because I was too little to like dipping sauces. 

We would first finish eating up the creaming liver… The rest of the organ and then a leg she pulls out for me. As wierd as this would sound but mom loves to eat the bum! 😜

Man! Sigh! I miss being a child! I miss being there! But I’m happy here today too! Life is excellent and it is exciting everyday! ☺️

So I bought this!  

 Yup! The Peking duck pancake kit by Luv-a-duck. 😁

It’s got everything u need for this delicious Chinese traditional dish!

Hoisin sauce, 10 pancakes and 2 roasted duck legs!

I did not follow the instruction because I did that once and it did not work for me. So this time I turned the grill on in my oven and Microwaved the duck for 2 minutes without piercing it. After a minute of resting I transferred the duck into a baking dish and put it under the grill for 10 minutes it in the oven.

This crisp up the skin leaving the layer of juicy fat firm and yummy to eat. 

I poured the remaining duck sauce into the hoisin sauce and mixed them up together! This makes the sauce more intense and rich!

 Some cutting job required at this point. 🙂 Julienne spring onions and thinly sliced carrot sticks. Did not want cucumbers and green Spring onions… Change is good. ☺️

Remove the pancakes from the wrapper and heat it for 1 minute in the microwave.

Now that everything is read all I needed to do was roll up! 

Beautiful crispy skin…   

Normally the skin is carved out for pancake rolls and the flesh is eaten after that. Fahad and I like ours with the some meat on.  

It was easy!

For $19.99 this is really good! Next time I’ll try this with snow pea sprout and bean sprout!



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