Aqua S and the SEA SALT softserve! My, Oh My! (REVIEW)

This might be disappointing to many the fact that I don’t really life ice cream but then there is always room for improvement! I am deeply in love with Aqua S’s sea salt soft serve and I so freak’n don’t know why!
The flavour is not salted blah blah or anything, sea salt is the flavour and its amazing!
I am drawn to the colour blue and for that reason I love to eat blue food. Haha! Its JUST so much fun!

Even as a child, I remember eating Wall’s ice-lolly shaped like a pointing hand. The pointing finger had a fruity sour coating on it, well just the tip and the hand use to be blue. The colour Blue is one of my weakness! Food is another!


I don’t remember what its called but it sure did look like “The Finger”. #aquas #aquasseasalt #aquassydney #aquassoftserve #seasaltsoftserve #thefinger #wallsicecream #fairyfood

Now coming back to Aqua S! They have a wall of clouds where you are encouraged to take pictures and they also have this picture wall, everything looks so dreamy, Fairy Food!


The flavour I got was grape and duh! SEA-SALT!!! and mannnnnnn was that yummy!!!
I am battling some serious craving as I blog about this! Torture to my soul! 😦

The charred  marshmallow is obviously what you aim for first, its poked in with a pocky stick, another treat from childhood! The caramelised popcorns, simply genius! The salt and sugar combo keeps flirting with each other in your mouth and when you think you’ve had too much sweetness from the candy floss the saltiness from the sea salt kicks in. Then, the popping candy does what its meant to, hypnotising your taste buds and by the time your back to sanity… its gone! All gone!

For under $10 I’d say go for it!



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