Silken tofu and the oomph!

  Sometimes I wake up craving for soup! Not the thick startchy soup but the watery one instead. Packed with punches of umami… Umami! The oomph!… It just had to be miso this morning! Hoping and praying to have some Benito flakes left… A little bit to make a cup just for me would be fine!

And YES!!!! Did not run out. 😊

Kelp, Silken tofu, miso paste, benito flakes and some seaweeds… Forgot the spring onions but no worries…  

It’s so peaceful and calming to watch the benito flakes dance gracefully. I can’t stop admiring this, how beautiful can food be? Wicked!

 Hail The Creator! Hey Winter! I welcome you! 😊



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