KFC Black Zinger!

I was in the food court near town hall station looking around for something new to eat, I was up since 7 am and forgot to have my breakfast! Imagine that! Me forgetting to have breakfast… Things that can happen when you need to catch the express train! Any who, as I strolled pass kfc something very black was on the their menu… It’s so unusual and attractive at the same time. The black zinger is finally here in Sydney! I have been hearing, reading and watching Japanese videos on these black burgers. Therefore, lunch was easily sorted without having me to fight out with my heart’s desire and brain’s confusion!

Launched today, the black zinger at Kfc for under 10 AUD this burger bun is actually black in colour, like really really black… Umm jet jet black, 😱 it is sprinkled with red chilli flakes, nigella seeds, sesame seeds and black pepper. The taste of the bun is pretty regular and according to Kfc the black colour is vegetable carbon. 

Hmm… Interesting! 

I was actually hoping for some squid ink flavour and that the color was due to it but meh! To my disappointment…:(

So what’s in this burger after all!!! 

A crispy zinger fillet, a slice of cheese, crispy bacon, some lettuce and … and… and? Wait for it… Wait for it!!! :p

The maple mustard sauce!!! Oh that was good!!! But that was the only good component. 

This was fun but Sorry Kfc! I don’t think I’m coming back for another black zinger. 



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