Thai Riffic on street (review) Sydney 

I was super excited when I heard Thai Raffic on street was going to bring authentic Thai street food… Their promo video looked very promising and pushed me right into a sweet nostalgia. 

However, This place turned out to be another regular Thai restaurant we have in Sydney! Serving up internationally popular Thai street dishes that many other thai restaurants are!

We ordered chicken rice with soup ( khao mun Kai) and holy basil chicken mince stir fry wth rice and a sunny side up (phad kraphaow).

Problems, the pouched chicken was cooked but was very tough, the ski was still very chewy. I reckon a little bit more cooking was desperately needed. On the other hand the rice was beautiful and the soup was packed with flavour, a true soul warmer! The sauce lacked soemthing… It was alright but just wasn’t perfect! And one slice of cucumber split into two is a joke really! In Thailand people selling khao mun Kai are very generous with thier cucumber slices. Having said that the quantity of the rice and the chicken was generous. This dish from  Thai Riffic ‘ON STREET’ is a no match to the chicken rice we get on the streets of Thailand! 

Sorry guys but this dish just did not deliver!


The next dish literally tore my heart apart! Kraphaow is holy basil not Thai basil. Please don’t mix them up! It’s ok to stir fry using Thai basil just name it right! Pad hoalapha Kai is what’s being served why give me a wrong name? 

I know for a fact that many will like this dish but to compare it to the streets of Thailand? I don’t think so.   I hope they introduce more authentic Thai street food  and that shall be it! 

I will deffinately go back to try out thier other dishes with a bucket willed positivity! ☺️


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