Matcha Mug Cake Made Pretty ( no egg recipe)

There is this weird love for green that dwells inside of me, oh! Blue… yes blue too. 

Anything blue or green I’d want to eat and that’s why matcha has always been a favourite for me.  I don’t find it bitter, or maybe I have been really good at balancing it. Anywho! A couple of days ago, I woke up with this strong craving for matcha cake. Anny Lai (a really good friend – friend in need kinda friend 😁) is to be blamed because she introduced me to this crazy freakin good matcha Swiss roll – can you imagine matcha, which is extremely Japanese, fusioned up with something that bears Swiss in its name? Red bean paste to cream it off and guess what! Stuffed with mochi! 😱 A mouth full, chewy mouthful and prominent notes of matcha in the sponge, sweeten by red bean goodness and then there it was …soft chewy glutinous Mochi balls. Yummo!!! 

I seriously wanted to make my own cause these cravings are kicking in quite often after that. 😜

Here’s what I did.☺️

Things you’all need:

4 tbsp self raising flour

2 tbsp brown sugar 

1 tsp 👈🏼 teaspoon matcha powder 

4 tbsp milk

1/2 tbsp coconut oil

I like to use organic flour…all I do is try. If you don’t have self raising flour, simply add 1/4 tsp baking powder into your plain flour and that should do the raising job.

A good idea is to mix up all the dry ingredient, clearly I was stupid not to do that. 

Add in coconut oil and milk.

Whisk, whisk, oh you tiny little kitchen whisker! You cute little thing.


Took me a while to blend them all together. 

Into the microwave it goes!

Set it to 1 minute. 


Let it cool.

I blitz up some frozen coconut ice to go with it and I reckon it was a rippa!!!

The sweetness from the ice cream contrast perfectly with the earthy matcha sponge. Dramatic play of hot and cold is always a winner. No mucking around, straight forward flavour profile and that coconut flavour is a match made in heaven. Sprinkle chiaseeds like Nusret Gokce a.k.a “Salt Bae” and there you have it! Matcha mug cake made pretty.😘

Fahad is so weird at times, according to him matcha should not have existed in the food world because to him it taste of nothing. 😒 This boy can’t taste matcha 😳. Well, I have a massive big bone to pick with him on this! Sigh. 

Until then … hmmmmm. ☺️ Mine, all mine! 


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  1. Want to try this! Looks delish 🙂

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